Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Another year has passed and it has been quite a year.  But... let me not tarry with personal challenges, lets move on to spring in Georgia.

The wildflowers are up and that means food for everyone, including us.  The Koreans have a wonderful food list entitled namul.  Often this comes as banchan if you are out to a Korean restaurant.  Talk about good weeds....  Namul is made of any and all edible weeds - some plunged into boiling water before serving, others simply washed and served.  Both are dressed.  If you check Arirang,namul on youtube, you will find a lovely video on the subject which will educate you on the variety and healthiness of namul.

The winter birds are leaving and the spring birds are on the wing.  Depending upon where you are in Georgia you will find Eastern Towhee's, Prothonotary Warblers, House Finches, Red Eyed Vireo's, a variety of Owls hooting their love songs; Bald eagles raising their young ones  There have been reports of Ruby throated hummingbirds arriving on the scene so, you want to keep your eyes and ears open.

So what is edible right now - this very moment?  Dandelion, Hairy bittercress, violets, curly dock, Cats eye, mulberry leaves, Garlic mustard, Chickweed... to mention a few of the incredible edibles.

The Crappie are in breeding mode so look for little pockets in the sand near the shore; and, as it warms up the rest of the piscatorial delicacies of the sea will arrive.

This year I will be concentrating on bugs.  We already know that grasshoppers, cicadas, ants, termites and scorpions are edible but what about stink bugs.  I hear that they are supposed to taste like crab so that is next on my list of test items.

To each of you I wish a healthy bon apetite!

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