Friday, March 30, 2012

Doesn't time fly by

Here it is - the end of March and the red buds have come and gone.  What should be blooming at this time of year - is not.  What shouldn't be - is.  The poison ivy is rampant because of the elevated CO2 levels.  Translation -- the more CO2 that is in the atmosphere, the greener and more vibrant the flora.  Why, because plants breathe in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.  Yet another reason not to cut down the trees and rid ourselves of the greenspace.

In the last two weeks we have been walking the woods at Kennesaw Mt. and talking about the wildflowers we see.  Not only that, we've shared recipes for all kinds of lovely eats.  For example:  I just had squash cakes stuffed with curly dock this week.  They were truly yummy and not to be missed.  The bloodroot has already bloomed, the downy yellow violets are up along with the sweet shrubs (aka Carolina Allspice).  Trilliums are on the upside of blooming along with the geraniums, pinxter flowers (native azaleas), Indian pinks and little brown jugs. And, if I haven't mentioned it..... poison ivy.  It is all over the place so beware!

Tomorrow I have one more walk and then the season is over for wilflowers.  I would recommend that you take a trip out to Shirley Miller's Wildflower walk in north Georgia.  It is located in the Pocket and can easily be found using google.  Miller is still blooming prolically and is truly a spot not to be missed.  If you think you know what heaven looks like..... think, Shirley Miller.

See you again soon and have a beautiful day.