Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Morgan Falls

It's mid-April..... tax day. So what do we have to rejoice over?  Nature, of course.

In the birdhouse on my front lawn, a little Brown-headed nuthatch resides.  She (and it has to be a she because she doesn't leave her home) peeps out and chides me as I walk towards the mailbox.  Apparently, there are some babies within and she doesn't want anyone disturbing her moment with the children.

Morgan Falls Overlook Park is a multi-use park in Sandy Springs.  It is found at 200 Morgan Falls Road

Foamflowers and wild Hydranga's are in bloom at Morgan Falls   These plants prefer the semi-shadey environs near the reservoir and are abundant right now.  I always enjoy the bloom of the Foamflower as it has a peachy flavor to the light an airy blossoms.  .

There are concrete walkways around the park as well which makes it well suited for those with disabilties
Sandy Springs, Georgia 30350.  The first entrance is a baseball park.  The second entrance further down the road has some lovely views of the reservoir and some woodland trails with an abundance of wildflowers and birds.

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